Door Access Card

  1. The door access card is used to access 24-hour labs in ICT Lab 1 and RC2 computer lab after 5 pm on weekdays, Saturday, Sundays and public holidays.
  2. The door access card can be purchased from Curtin Bookshop during office hours (from 9 am until 4 pm). The cost for door access card is RM 5.00 (for new & replacement card).
  3. IT Helpdesk will only log the student details in the system while the actual purchase needs to be done at the Bookshop counter.
  4. Students need to show the payment receipt to IT Helpdesk and will only receive the Door Access Card within one working day (24 Hours after purchase).
  5. Each door access card will expire at the end of the year, and is required to be renewed through the IT Helpdesk counter.
  6. One door access card is valid for one user account and cannot be shared with other users.

Workflow of Door Access Card for Students


Purchase the Door Access Card from The Bookshop counter.

Bookshop’s cashier issue a payment receipt to student

Student bring the printing payment receipt to IT Helpdesk counter

IT Helpdesk will log the student ID and new door access card numbers in the log book. Once entered, receipt will be stamped. Door Access Card will only be ready within one working day (24 Hours after purchase).