Printing and Photocopy Services

We have installed a total of six units of the Toshiba Multifunction Photocopiers (MFPs) at the Library and the 24-Hour ICT labs. These new MFPs replace the monochrome HP LaserJet printers and Fuji Xerox photocopiers.

The new MFPs come with the new printing management called YSoft SafeQ.

The new features of MFPs and YSoft SafeQ are:

  • Protect document security – need user authentication.
  • Introduce Touch ID – for secure print and protect document security.
  • Economical printing – able to control prints in B/W, Colour (simplex or duplex).
  • Enable Omit Blank Page setting – Removing blank pages. If your original contains blank pages, you can remove them from the scan result.
  • Eco-saving and eliminate unnecessary prints – no tons of paper lying around printers, reduce use of paper, toner and energy.
  • Print Roaming/Secure Print – apply “follow me” method. Allow to pick up prints at any MFP. Less queue to pick up prints.
  • Central server – stores all print, copy and scan operations. Documents can be stored up to four (4) hours.

Location Model Printing Type Paper Size
ICT Lab 1 e457 BW A4
e3555C BW / Colour A4 and A3
RC 2 e457 BW A4
e5005AC BW / Colour A4 and A3
ICT Lab 3 e3555C BW / Colour A4 and A3
Library 1st Floor e3540C BW / Colour A4 and A3
Library 2nd Floor e2040C BW / Colour A4 and A3

Toshiba Photocopier

  1. Activate account in YSoft SafeQ and Add Toshiba Photocopier [Download]
  2. Guideline using Toshiba Photocopier [Download]
  3. Guideline to install Toshiba photocopier to your laptop [Download]