Rules and Regulations on the Usage of Proximity Access Cards

In addition to the ICT usage policy and manual, the following rules and regulations apply to the proximity card’s usage.

  1. The Proximity cards are not transferable, and cards found in the possession of unauthorized persons will be confiscated.
  2. Misuse of the card will also result in the card being suspended and confiscated.
  3. The Proximity card remains the property of Curtin University at all times, and must be surrendered upon request.
  4. When entering or leaving areas secured by doors installed with Electromagnetic Lock , please ensure the doors are closed firmly behind you.
  5. Allowing visitors’ accesses through the secured doors are at the discretion and accountability of the card holders.
  6. Curtin University Security personnel and members of ICT Staff reserve the right to refuse access to any card holder who contravenes the rules and regulations of the University and any other subsequent policies of the ICT department.
  7. Do NOT bend, make holes in or otherwise damage your card, as this may impair its function and incur a personal cost of replacement.

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