ICT Equipment Booking

This policy is applied to the entire student of Curtin University Malaysia.

The procedure to book ICT equipment are as follow:

  1. Write an official email to it.helpdesk@curtin.edu.my.
  2. Please provide the details of your event, date, time, venue, lecturer name (if any), person in-charge, person in-charge contact number, purpose of the event.
  3. Booking confirmation should be made via email. Check your student webmail.

The rules and regulations are as follow:

  1. All bookings/changes are to be made 7 working days in advance of the proposed date and are subjected to the availability of the equipment.
  2. Any last minute booking or changes which is less than 24 hours will not be entertained.
  3. ICT equipment ONLY can be used within Curtin Malaysia campus. Student are NOT ALLOWED to bring the equipment out of campus without notice.
  4. The requester shall be responsible for the proper use and deployment of the equipment.
  5. Any equipment lost or damage during the lending period is the full responsibility of the requester.
  6. Equipment shall be returned to IT Helpdesk counter in as good a condition as when received by the requester.
  7. The booking time are subject to change if the proposed time are not available.
  8. Approval are accordance to the deliberation of the ICT Department and may be terminated without prior notice.
  9. Approval of bookings should be made via email. Check your student webmail.

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