Rules & Regulation in Computer Lab

The computer lab facilities are available only to active Curtin University staff and students and intended solely for university related purposes. They are not to be used for business or other profit production or for recreational purposes.

  1. Smoking, eating, and drinking are NOT allowed in the labs.
  2. All persons in the computer labs are expected to have their Curtin ID with them while in the computer labs. Without the ID, the user is requested to leave the room immediately.
  3. Mobile phones must be switched off at all times.
  4. Users are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and courteous manner while in Computer Lab.
  5. Games are strictly prohibited on all Computer Labs resources. Students running games will be asked to close the game and leave the lab or the Student ID will be taken for reported to the Disciplinary Board.
  6. Users should not prevent or disrupt another user from using of any computer and other facility in the computer lab.
  7. The paper in these labs is supplied for use in the lab printers. Any other use is theft.
  8. Copying of copyrighted software is illegal and is prohibited in the academic computing facilities or elsewhere on campus.
  9. The ICT Personnel will not support user in debugging the user’s programs/application, analyze output, help with homework, etc. Please consult your instructor or Lecturer for this type of help.
  10. User is strictly advised to take care of their personal belonging all the time. The University is not responsible and liable to any lost of personal belonging in the computer labs.

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